Why am I blogging?

“I don’t have anything to say…”

“I’m not a writer…”

“No one will read, nor care what I write…”

“I don’t have time to blog…”

Yup…I had all of these thoughts and reservations about starting my own blog.  However I was challenged by others around me and I challenged myself to rise above these trepidations and TRY.  I realized that my efforts to blog should not be motivated or impeded by these hesitations, rather my reasons for starting a blog should be driven by my own belief in the importance of professional self-reflection, driven by my belief in the importance of professional dialogue, and driven by my belief that I always want to be a part of the solution, than part of the problem.  So I’m going to take a chance and try something new.  Paul Hermes, father, husband, administrator, teacher, learner…blogger? Why not?!?!  🙂

My intent is have my blog be a platform where I can engage myself and others in a dialogue about things I have dedicated my life to – education, change, leadership, solutions, and our future.  I have set a goal to myself to submit a new blog post at least once a month.  And as a ‘theme’, you will notice the use of analogies.  I have developed a bit of a reputation, both as a teacher and as an administrator, around using analogies to explain a point.  I find them to be a creative and effective way to connect ideas and situations that may be complicated, ‘loaded’ and/or new to others.  So I have titled my blog “Analogies from an Administrator.”

So I finish my first blog, which means I can say that I am an veteran blogger, who now is in a position to give advice and can criticize all those who are not blogging 🙂 – I challenge others to join in this process.  To read my and others’ blogs, to start your own blog, to share your ideas and the ideas of others, to get connected, to get ENGAGED.  Unfortunately my profession, public education, has a long history of being controlled and driven by others, outsiders, non-educators.  As much I blame these ‘others’ and criticize their motives and decisions, we have to be honest with ourselves, WE have allowed this to happen and, in some cases, we have earned this condition.  However we NOW have an opportunity – emboldened by the platform of technology and social media (e.g. Blogging, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc.), to begin to change the public discourse and view of what we do and why we are important.  Ultimately with the hope that for the first time our profession will be led by the proper professionals – US!  However for this to happen we all have work to do.  We have to get engaged, we have to effort, we have to add to the conversation, demonstrate expertise, leadership, ownership for our profession and as Ghandi said “be the change you wish to see in the world.”

I am nervous, guarded, curious, determined, excited, optimistic…and nervous about my blog and what’s next.  But I’m looking forward to the journey…I hope you will join me.


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